Jenny O – “Won’t Let You Leave (Spirit Animal Remix)”

A good remix re-envisions a song. Mood can be altered, new textures added, and sometimes the end result is so different from the original that a listener can hardly tell they’re the same song. Before Spirit Animal remixed Jenny O’s “Won’t Let You Leave,” it was a delicate acoustic song, heartfelt and filled with sunshiny vibes. Spirit Animal’s remix transforms it with heavy bass lines, repetitive backing vocals and a warped acoustic guitar.

If you like the sound of Jenny O, head over to for more. And check out her single “Well OK, Honey” below:

Jenny O – “Well OK, Honey”

For more Spirit Animal, head to, where you can freely download many more remixes (including covers of Beirut and Yeasayer). Also be sure to check out the band’s incredible debut album The Cost of Living. Fans of bands like LCD Soundsystem, Shit Robot and Daft Punk should really enjoy Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal – “Makin’ It Work”

Upcoming Spirit Animal Shows:

Feb 12 @ Danger Danger Gallery w/Grandchildren [Philadelphia]
Feb 21 @ Pianos w/Ennui, Neighbors, Courtier [New York City]