Undoubtedly one of Santa Fe’s best bands, Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand is returning with their follow up to their excellent 2015 debut Southwick Howls. To be released on August 4th via Matron Records, Bailiwick, Refused comes with big expectations locally, and debut single “Rope I (a flame among the blue and black)” delivers on the promise of something special.

Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand
Bailiwick, Refused

[Matron Records]
Out 8.4.17

1. Out Of, The Galisteo Reef
2. Kids, Not Shaken
3. Bailiwick, Refused
4. The Rat, Unleashed
5. Into, The Mudfields 01:42
6. Rope I (a flame among the blue and black) 05:30
7. Rope II (now it’s climb or die) 05:16
8. Return, To Southwick
9. The Hourglass, Dissolved
10. The Young Man And The Lake
11. The Sue, Unleashed