We’ve come to the final days of the Skylight. The once popular Santa Fe nightclub which has hosted many of the city’s best shows of recent years has ceased regular operations, and is now only honoring previously scheduled events.

On Tuesday night, the doomed venue was brought back to life, even if for only a few hours. Newbies to the high Santa Fe altitude, Kim Talon of opening act Kino Kimino expressed that the elevation was having effects on her. It didn’t really show as the band played an excellent, if short, set. As was the case with their excellent debut LP Bait is for Sissies, Kino Kimino made an excellent case for a riot grrrl revival. The set came to a close with a cover of Cracker’s “Low” which may have actually pre-dated a large majority of the young audience.

I’ve never been totally sold on the night’s headliner Wavves. On record the San Diego band has always had the ability to catch my interest with their poppy indie punk sound, but the albums have generally left me ultimately uninspired. Seasoned vets of the road at this point, the quartet was airtight with their performance, launching into their set and bringing their young fans into a state of euphoria. While their live performance left me feeling similarly to how I feel about their records, there was no question that their fans were enjoying every second.

It was great to see the Skylight energized again if only for a night. It’s a shame that it’ll be one of the last times that the club will be filled with life.


Kino Kimino