D.A. Stern – Aloha Hola

[Year: 2017 / Country: USA / Label: Twosyllables]

Following in the footsteps of Big Star and Teenage Fanclub, D.A. Stern has a knack for writing the kind of perfect melodic rock songs that shine down with the warmth of the sun. The former Sanctuaries frontman moved from the east coast to Los Angeles a few years back, and his first debut album under his own name is characterized by a relaxed west coast attitude, all the while allowing Stern’s introspective wit to remain a key presence. From the jangly guitars encircled by frenetic keys to the infectious hooks, Aloha Hola honors the classic sounds of the past while carving out its own unique identity.

Favorite Tracks: Miami; Giving Up; When I Said You Were Right I Was Strong

4.0Overall Score