Santa Fe’s Year in Releases: 2016

The Santa Fe music scene, like those in many small cities, generally exists within a bubble that’s overlooked by the majority of publications. Outsiders would have a tough time naming any artists from the city. That isn’t to say there aren’t any worthy of attention. This was my first full year living in Santa Fe, and the first year I really attempted to put my finger on the pulse of the local scene. It seems as though this was a particularly good year to do so, as many of the most prevalent local acts released new music this year, such as Cloacas, Greg Butera, Evarusnik and Flamingo Pink!. This year also witnessed the birth of local label Matron Records, which was responsible for releasing debut records by favorites GRY GRDNS and Future Scars. The scene also gained a pair of excellent venues in Zephyr and Meow Wolf.

I decided to compile a helpful guide to some of the more notable releases by Santa Fe-based artists in 2016.

Here’s hoping that 2017 will come bearing debut releases by Loretta’s Got A Stargun!, Atalaya, Ppoacher Ppoacher, and Bodies.

Ben Montgomery
Consider This: Volume I

[Modern Things]

The first of two releases by Ben Montgomery this year, Consider This: Volume I contains 10 experimental compositions mixing electronics and some trumpet. At their best, the short vignettes are playful and contemplative.

Favorite Tracks: Push One; Push Three; Push Six

Ben Montgomery
Consider This: Volume II

[Modern Things]

The second volume of Montgomery’s Consider This series picks up where he left off with the first volume with even better results. The synths on Volume II are considerably more spacey.

Favorite Tracks: Push Eleven; Push Thirteen; Push Nineteen

…And The Clouds Are Not Cloudy All Day


Exploited “freaks” present bewildering feats, flim flam men swindle exuberant children, and to the dismay of religious zealots fortune tellers embrace mysticism.

Favorite Tracks: Playing in Traffic; The Great Rhinehart Tire Fire of 1983; Croissant Moon

Cole Bee Wilson
H. Thunderbolt


A concept album about the great military genius Hannibal that is as epic as his life, H Thunderbolt succeeds not because of it’s grandeur but rather its subtlety.

Favorite Tracks:

Do Tell
Hotend: The Do Tell Plays the Music of Julius Hemphill


The trio of Dan Clucas (coronet), Mark Weaver (tuba) and Dave Wayne (percussion) masterfully pays homage to the great saxophonist and composer Julius Hemphill over the six thoughtfully chosen cuts on Hotend.

Favorite Tracks: Dogon A.D.; Hotend; G Song



Recorded in Iceland, Evarusnik’s newest album is a gorgeous, cinematic record drawing influence from all over the map while secure with it’s own sonic identity. It’d be tough to find another band locally with such a fully realized musical vision.

Favorite Tracks: What Would You Be If; Skies Not The Same; Öldurnar

Flamingo Pink!
Ghosts in The Ground


Local singer-songwriter Meg Burns aka Flamingo Pink! made her shift towards a more electronic-based sound this year. Ghosts in the Ground would be the first of two records released in 2016.

Favorite Tracks: Blurring Out; Enemies; Over Shoulders

Flamingo Pink!
Gum & Leather


The second Flamingo Pink! release of 2016 was a more confident a realized record, improving upon Burns’ lo-fi electronic pop sound of her previous release.

Favorite Tracks: All The Right Ways; This Time; Waiting

Flossy Clouds
Moon Lighting

[Crafted Sounds]

Falling under the radar even in this little city, Flossy Clouds’ newest EP is a wonderfully catchy collection of carefree indie rock tunes that should make them a band to keep an eye on.

Favorite Tracks: Big Y; Soften; Slug

Future Scars
Before, There Was Fear


When 3/4 of the beloved post-rockers As In We announced the formation of Future Scars, there was obvious around the Santa Fe scene. Their powerful debut EP lived up to local hype as a fierce mix of post-rock ambience, metal heaviness, and riot grrrl angst.

Favorite Tracks: Good Death; A Reason To Stay; Before, There Was Fear

Galactic Witchcraft
Strange Birds

[Disques de Lapin]

It’s quite possible that Stavo Mustang Craft is a sort of new wave incarnation of Jad Fair. A totally DIY effort, Galactic Witchcraft’s second album, Strange Birds, possesses a uniquely personal characteristic highlighted by Craft’s own vibrant and playful personality.

Favorite Tracks: Strange Birds; Evermore; Mirrors

Greg Butera
Tell Me Now


Old school country vibes are plentiful on Greg Butera’s charming solo debut. The ten songs manage a wonderful balance between drifting ballads, rollicking foot stompers, and cheerful ditties (“Luck in My Cup”).

Favorite Tracks: Bluebonnets; Yellow Lines; Glad



Mysticism in the open expanse of the southwest.

Favorite Tracks: Seersucker; Houndstooth; Brodcade

Joie Flare
Cardigan Buttons


Known locally for her funky bass playing in The Sticky, at three tracks Joie Flare’s debut EP is a short but sweet introduction to a rising talent.

Favorite Tracks: Rabbit Hole; Watermelon Seeds

The Laser Cats
The Laser Cats


The product of a group of music students at Santa Fe University of Art & Design, The Laser Cats play gypsy swing with an energy and technical ability that shows great appreciation for the genre.

Favorite Tracks: The Palace; Goat’s Foot Waltz; Colfax

Lone Piñon
Trio Nuevomexicano


A genuine celebration of New Mexico’s musical roots, Trio Nuevomexicano is energetic, passionate and beautifully played.

Favorite Tracks: El Tecolotito;La Vaquilla; Polka De Pecos

Magic Floors
Magic Floors


Ramshackle garage psych

Favorite Tracks: Lover On The Run; Crystal Columns; Shadow Winslow

The Maya Spectra
Music Box


A bit electro-pop, a bit Trip Hop, The Maya Spectra’s debut EP Music Box is an impressive work with full a sound.

Favorite Tracks: Intro/Music Box; Encompass Me; The Plight

Ol’ Dagger
Bobcat Dynamite


A new addition to the Santa Fe metal scene, Ol’ Dagger immediately made their name known with this ferocious debut release

Favorite Tracks: Grave Tremor; Vulture Culture; Daggertooth

Psirens & Slow Proteo
Mountain Music


A Twin Peaks’ inspired collaboration between Psirens and Slow Proteo, Mountain Music is a moody electronic EP with a fitting feeling of mystery.

Favorite Tracks: Falling; MTN MSC

Rubi Ate The Fig


Live records can be tough to pull off, especially for a new band, but Rubi Ate the Fig clearly isn’t an ordinary band. Comprised of highly regarded music veterans, they manage to showcase their Middle Eastern influenced psych rock with great effect.

Favorite Tracks: Breathe with Me Slowly; Your Story; Gilgamesh

SpaceMob SpaceCadets
Melodies of the Cosmonauts: Space Chronicle


Melodies of the Cosmonauts: Space Chronicle is a refreshing introduction to an advernturous new Santa Fe hip hop group.

Favorite Tracks: Forbidden Jutsu of the R3DLIT3; Primordial Concoctions of the Microphone Fiends; Diamond Plated Exoskeletons of the Forgotten Lords

We Drew Lightning


The expansive post-rock of We Drew Lightning on Six echoes the impending doom but also magnificent beauty of looming storm clouds.

Favorite Tracks: Machinations; The Long Swim Back Up; Amoeba

Woven Talon


Where Andrew Tumason goes for sweeping cinematic soundscapes with Evarusnik, his solo work as Woven Talon is more raw and intimate while retaining a similar meditative spirit.

Favorite Tracks: Westlands; Truly Change, Water’s Ruin

Zickey & The Kondor
Zickey and The Kondor


SFUAD alumni Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose and Konor Hunter-Crump teamed up to form Zickey & The Kondor. Their debut album is a collection of impeccably played tunes with bluegrass roots but much more eclectic.

Favorite Tracks: Mona; Herringbone; Split Hill