Beverly – The Blue Swell

[Year: 2016 / Country: USA / Label: Kanine]

On Beverly’s sophomore album, The Blue Swell, the guitars sparkle a little brighter and the hooks of the melodies sink in deeper than they did on debut Careers. Where their debut was a heavier, fuzzier record, The Blue Swell shimmers from start to finish, drawing from some of the best aspects of alternative music. Throughout the album, there are moments that recall Blondie, Pixies, early Liz Phair, Slowdive, Weezer and 60s girl groups, among others. And while they unabashedly sound like a synthesis of many of the best dream / jangle pop acts of the past, The Blue Swell is simply one of the most delightful listens of the year, worthy of many repeat listens.

Favorite tracks: The Smokey Pines, Crooked Cop, Victoria