About Mecca Lecca

What is Mecca Lecca?

Mecca Lecca is an ill-defined entity. A music blog, AVL concert listings calendar, record label collective, concert promotion company, etc. Whatever it is, Mecca Lecca is a built on the foundation of an undying passion for music, often focused on the unheralded underdog. Far from a capital venture, Mecca Lecca is built on a principle of promoting only the music we love, rather than devoting time, energy and space to anything else. After 3 years of covering Santa Fe’s local music scene, Mecca Lecca has moved on to Asheville, NC in 2018 as its city of focus.

Mecca Lecca Recording Collective

Since 2010, the Mecca Lecca Recording Collective has worked tirelessly to support and bring attention to a collective of bands we consider to be family. Ajnabi, Carl Creighton, Christopher Paul Stelling, Erik Gundel, Ghastly City Sleep, Hølas, Howth, Indestructible Grampas, Joshua McCormack, NØMADS, Rice Cultivation Society, Right On Dynamite, Sanctuaries, Sean0Sean, Spirit Animal, SWF and Unicycle Loves You have all released records we’re extremely proud to have had affiliated with Mecca Lecca.

For more info, go to: www.meccalecca.com/recordingco/

Mecca Lecca Concerts

Through the years, Mecca Lecca is proud to have curated concerts with acclaimed artists such as Hooray For Earth, The Drums, Caveman, Landlady, Milagres, Zambri, The Silent League, Shilpa Ray, Christopher Paul Stelling, Paramount Styles, Unicycle Loves You, Deleted Scenes, Tall Tall Trees, Army Navy, Sky Larkin, Judson Claiborne, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson Friend Roulette, Zoos of Berlin, Madensuyu, Zorch, Spirit Animal, Wilder Maker, and Opal Onyx.


Mecca Lecca does its best to provide an extensive listings calendar for Asheville but often misses things. If you’re a venue or band with an upcoming show in the area email, you can send us your show listings for consideration to jonnyleather@meccalecca.com

Album Reviews

Album Reviews are entirely based on the subjective feelings of the author. Ratings are subject to change over time with the changing opinions of the author.

Nearly all reviews and rating will be very favorable, due to the site’s philosophy of not wasting time on things we don’t enjoy.

1-star = REVULSION

2-star = APATHY

3-star = ENJOYMENT

4-star = ADORATION

5-star = WORSHIP



Jonny Leather

Over the past decade, Jonny Leather has additionally written for NY Press, Brooklyn Vegan and Brooklyn Record. More confident behind the camera than his prose, his photography has graced the pages of New York Magazine, SPIN, Billboard, Paste, Brooklyn Vegan, Death + Taxes, Stereogum, and Self-Titled. He can currently be found at a local music venue, binging on 70’s afrofunk and reggae, or listening to Red House Painters for the billionth time.