Ascending Beyond The Earthly Realm with Circuit des Yeux

Circuit des Yeux + Marisa Anderson + Nathan Bowles Trio @ The Mothlight | 04.10.18

Last night I heard the voice of God, or some other otherworldly being. There are many great singers, but only a handful transcend into another realm. Tim Buckley, Robbie Basho, Nico, Anohni, Scott Walker, Jónsi, Björk, Mark Hollis, and Elizabeth Fraser possess(ed) voices so powerful they’re paralyzing. Beautiful, surreal, unique, emotional devastating—it’s difficult to put into words.

Haley Fohr, aka Circuit des Yeux, belongs grouped amongst these legends. Arriving onstage at The Mothlight on Tuesday night under the cover of darkness, Fohr and her bandmates stood silent momentarily. In that quiet stillness, there was a bit of dramatic tension. The black shroud never lifted from the stage, especially from Fohr’s cover, but her voice ascended from the silence like a phoenix. Accompanied by upright bass, violin, and drums, the sound that emerged from the stage was a darkly beautiful madness somewhere between the cryptic, gothic folk of post-Chelsea Girl Nico and Tim Buckley at his most avant-garde.

Primarily performing songs from last year’s under-appreciated Reaching For Indigo, Fohr and her bandmates brought the songs to dynamic new heights far beyond what could be captured on wax. Remaining in the shadows and staying silent between songs until very late into the set, Fohr’s presence was enigmatic. As her voice transcended beyond the human realm, there was little evidence to say she was not of another world entirely. It was tense, ambitious, and ultimately one of the most beautiful performances I’ve ever seen.

Opening for Circuit des Yeux were Marisa Anderson and the Nathan Bowles Trio.This was the second time I’ve seen Nathan Bowles perform in the past month, but this time the incredible banjo player had the backing of drums and upright bass. The additional accompaniment provided addition life to his wonderful Appalachian folk. Guitarist Marisa Anderson was also incredibly impressive. Her solo, instrumental guitar performance channeled greats such as Fahey, Kottke, and Mississippi Fred, combining feel with mindblowing technical prowess.

Circuit des Yeux

Nathan Bowles Trio


Marisa Anderson