On Thursday night, Santa Fe was treated to an incredible triple bill at Second Street Brewery’s new Rufina location. Drummer Ian Chang got things started with a head-turning instrumental set featuring songs from his new debut EP Spiritual Leader. Utilizing advanced sensory percussion technology, Chang’s drum set sounded unlike anything I’ve heard before, and his spectacular playing created a mind-altering psychedelic atmosphere. Celebrating the release of their new album Let’s Paint this Town in Craters, Chicharra proved why they’re one of the area’s most exciting bands. Defined by a thunderous triple bass explosion and a trio of vocalists, Chicharra found balance between Sonic Youth’s wall of noise, Sleater Kinney’s energetic punk, and the crushing power of stoner metal. Saving the best for last, Brooklyn’s Landlady capped things off with a commanding performance, centered around latest release, The World is a Loud Place. Playing with the precision and unpredictability of a jazz quartet, Landlady seamlessly ripped through their psych pop songs with a tireless energy and obvious joy.




Ian Chang