When Mike Hadreas arrived on stage Sunday night at Meow Wolf, he appeared nervous. His energy was tense like that of someone consumed with stage fright, yet his achingly beautiful voice was immediately commanding. On his first two records under the moniker Perfume Genius, Hadreas defined himself with tender fragility in his sound. He portrayed an intimate sadness of which only the coldest of heart could be unaffected. With his breakout 2014 album Too Bright, Perfume Genius went through a metamorphosis, blossoming into a pop star. The aching beauty and intimacy remained, but was combined with a new confidence, energy and social message. On this year’s No Shape, he has continued to strengthen his voice. On stage, with his band behind him, Hadreas played the role of the fragile pop star. During the most lively songs, he moved upon the stage with a sensual presence. During the most somber, he brought a quivering sadness to the room. As he has continued to evolve, Perfume Genius has become one of those very special generational voices that is also certain to be a gay icon.

Perfume Genius

Lady Uranium