Emerging once again from their magical cocoon, Santa Fe’s Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand took the stage for the first time in months on Friday night at El Museo. As part of the Currents Festival, it promised to be a special performance. Showcasing songs from their upcoming release Bailiwick, Refused, the beloved local band once again proved why no two performances is identical. Stripped down from a lineup that could often expand eight or a dozen members, they performed mostly as a quartet or quintet, occasionally swapping drummers. Of course, it was nothing close to a stripped down performance. Utilize field recordings, sound consumed the room. What the new songs lacked in manpower and anthemic drive, they made up for with dynamics and heart. The continuously evolving band, led by Luke Carr and Caitlin Brothers, is pushing towards grandiosity. From the music to the storyline to their goal to bring an uncorrupted focus on the great art of Guinea, they remain one of Santa Fe’s most impressive acts.

Bailiwick, Refused will be released via Matron Records on August 4th. The band has hinted that there will be a local release show, so stay tuned for more info on that.