The latest release from the great Secret Chiefs 3 finds them in their surf satellite incarnation “UR.” The first of the two tracks is a vibrant cover of the Tornados’ 1962 surf rock gem “Telstar.” The original version produced by the brilliant Joe Meek took surf into a uniquely spacey realm, SC3 pay perfect homage to that great sound. The band’s own “The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique)” expands upon that space surf aesthetic, taking it into weirder, more experimental realms.

From the band:

Eye in the Sky and All the World’s a Stage! Secret Chiefs 3 suprasensory surf satellite “UR” once again takes their blades to the horizon bisecting the heavens and earth. This time they goofy-foot their rhino-chasers up into geosynchronous orbit to join the round-dance of the Cartesian panopticon, where a ring of telecommunications satellites grants everyone below access to an Endless Summer undreamt-of in ’62. That’s the year the ComSat “Telstar” was launched into the firmament. The sentiment of the event was captured the same year in a well-wishing anthem song composed by a DIY Prometheus who famously and artlessly tombstoned himself, but whose nostalgic yearning for the paradise of the future is a torch still borne to the heavens today by so many hodads and billionaires of a certain tragic temperament. But my what a big 3-dimensional EYE the grey bellys have grown since those days; the better to HEAR the global symphony of surfless superflatness and nontent with…

This is our idea of a fundraiser; a full pedigree production, the proceeds from which will go directly towards financing the completion of two major full-length SC3 releases slated for 2017. For more info, see the info associated with this release on the front page of, and if you’re a true SC3 nerd you won’t want to miss the “SC3 blog-ish comment on musical finance” at the bottom of the mimicry announcement.