Devendra Banhart – Ape in Pink Marble

[Year: 2016 / Country: USA / Label: Nonesuch]

Floating by like a series of daydream vignettes, Devendra Banhart’s latest album Ape in Pink Marble finds the eclectic songwriter at his most relaxing. The songs drift with the kind of casual hippie cool of Donovan at his peak. No matter how chill he gets, Banhart’s lyrics continue to fall between leisurely witty and subtly bizarre. Ape in Pink Marble is about as cohesive a listen Devendra Banhart has ever offered. The upbeat “Jon Lends A Hand” and “Fancy Man” offer two of the albums highlights, and “Mourner’s Dance” acts as a wonderful homage to Badamenti’s masterful work on the Twin Peaks soundtrack (most specifically recalling “Falling”). The weightlessness of his ninth studio album ultimately leaves it feeling less memorable than his best records but still a rather pleasurable listen.

Favorite tracks: Jon Lends a Hand, Fancy Man, Mourner’s Dance

3.0Overall Score