The Radio Dept.  – Running Out of Love

[Year: 2016 / Country: Sweden / Label: Labradar]

Six years removed from their last album, Clinging to a Scheme, The Radio Dept. hasn’t changed all that much. They’re still making hazy dream pop with a DIY aesthetic. The songs are still slow, danceable, charged with nostalgia, all the while loaded with sociopolitical commentary about their homeland of Sweden. The most significant difference with Running Out of Love is that the band has further distanced themselves from the distortion-heavy guitars of their debut, Lesser Matters, in favor of synths. The synths on Running Out of Love are often reminiscent of the sounds that littered 80s pop music. It’s a worthwhile addition to their fantastic discography, but after the long wait and high expectations following what may have been their best album, this one feels a bit underwhelming in comparison to the band’s previous records.

Favorite tracks: Sloboda Narodu, Swedish Guns, This Thing Was Bound To Happen

Review: The Radio Dept. - Running Out of Love