One of the finest bands in New York, Landlady produces some of the most kaleidoscopic indie pop music of anyone. And not only are their songs vibrant, quirky, and catchy, but they’re also skillfully crafted to the point that they get better with repeated listens. Their 2014 release Upright Behavior was fantastic and the band has just announced that they’ll be releasing their followup, The World Is A Loud Place, on January 16th. Accompanying the announcement is a pair of singles from the upcoming release. Give them a listen below.


The World Is A Loud Place

Out 1/16/17

1. Electric Abdomen
2. Cadaver
3. Person
4. Hard To Spell
5. Nina
6. Driving In California
7. Hurricane
8. Solid Brass
9. The World Is A Loud Place
10. Haymaker
11. Museum People
12. Rest In Place