Mickey Theis – Range Songs

[Year: 2016 / Country: USA / Label: Self-Released]

A young cowboy sets out on a lifelong adventure

For his solo debut, former Motel Motel guitarist Mickey Theis holds nothing back. At its core, Range Songs is a singer songwriter record rooted in classic Americana and folk, but Theis has brought in a load of other musicians to flesh out the songs into huge productions containing everything from glockenspiel and vibes to soaring strings and brass. Theis’ voice is young but dignified. Combined with the crisp, confident production and bright orchestration, there’s a charming optimism within even his most melancholy songs. He saves his best for last with Nilsson-gone-country closer “Are You Coming Out Tonight?”.

Favorite tracks: Places, True Love, Are You Coming Out Tonight?

Review: Mickey Theis - Range Songs