Terry Malts – Lost At the Party

[Year: 2016 / Country: UK / Label: Slumberland]

No one’s gonna have fun at the party unless they let loose from their inhibited pretensions

From the jangly pop of The Smiths to the post-punk of The Chameleons to The Jesus & Mary Chain’s noisy version of 60s pop, Terry Malts draws influence from a familiar and exhausted realm. What they’re doing has been done many times over, so the band deserves a lot of credit for somehow not sounding like a tired cliché. Infectious, energetic, and performed with an air of cool, Lost At the Party is a refresher course in the most enjoyable aspects of ’80s rock that is simply too fun to dismiss.

Favorite tracks: Won’t Come To Find You, Seen Everything, Playtime

Review: Terry Malts - Lost At the Party