Various Artists – Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith

[Year: 2016 / Country: USA / Label: American Laundromat]

The legacy of Elliott Smith continues on

Even when honoring the best of songwriters, tribute albums can be really hit or miss. The original version are often treasures relics and next to impossible to improve upon, leaving the tributing artists in position to underwhelm. Even with a cast of artists that includes indie greats J Mascis, Tanya Donelly and Lou Barlow,  Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith offers little to be excited. The bulk of the artists take an approach that stays true to the original versions, but in doing so they turn out to be somewhat forgettable. J Mascis and Jesu/Sun Kil Moon offer the most significant transformations by re-envisioning the songs in their own styles. Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith is a worth a listen but ultimately underwhelming.

Favorite tracks: Waltz #1 (by Escondido), Condor Ave (Jesu/Sun Kil Moon), Angeles (Waxahatchee)

Review: Various Artists - Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith
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