Hamilton Leitheuser + Rotsam – I Had A Dream That You Were Mine

[Year: 2016 / Country: USA / Label: Glassnote]

The Walkmen are one of the special bands of the 21st century. They were inevitably lumped into a scene of NYC indie rock bands at the start of the century, but always stood out as more substantive than the others. When they announced their hiatus in 2014, it was undoubtedly a bummer, but also opened the door to solo projects. While Walter Martin and Peter Bauer have both released quality records, it’s the man with the pipes who has proven to be the bearer of the finest fruits so far. Released in 2014, Hamilton Leitheuser’s debut LP Black Hours was exactly the kind of crooning record you’d expect from the Nilsson-loving frontman of The Walkmen. Teaming up with Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij for I Had A Dream That You Were Mine, Leitheuser raises the bar another notch. He still sounds like a powerhouse crooner who’s magnificent voice will carry you home after last call. There’s hints of Cohen, Nilsson, Campbell as his voice pushes to the greatest of heights over saloon style pianos, twangy guitars, and big crashing drums. It’s hard to tell where Leitheuser’s input ends and Rotsam’s begins, but he undoubtedly deserves credit for a stunning record that channels the grandeur of 60s pop and captures Leitheuser at his best.

Favorite tracks: A 1000 Times, When The Truth Is…, 1959

Review: Hamilton Leitheuser + Rotsam - I Had A Dream That You Were Mine