Philosophical Zombie

[Year: 2016 / Country: USA / Label: Killer Wail]

On Cotard’s, Philosophical Zombie sheds some of the grit and heavy riffs of last year’s excellent debut LP Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue in favor of clearer melodies and ballads. That is not to say that Philosophical Zombie has gone all sleek. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This change is more in line with The Replacements moving from Sorry Ma… to Hootenanny than Let It Be to Tim. And much like The Replacements, the balance of gritty rock & roll and heartfelt ballads works because they share similar DNA. For example, the sentimental “Love” features the opening line “Love is vomitting into a sink.”

Favorite tracks: Tom Says God, Love, Coming Back To Me

Review: Philosophical Zombie - Cotard's