There are few, if any, with a flow like Busdriver. In a voice that’s just a little odd, he spits off rhymes at a mind-boggling pace. Utilizing a deep vocabulary his words can be socially conscious, but also incredibly witty. With over a dozen studio albums and mixtapes, along with a bunch of memorable guest appearances, the L.A.-based Busdriver is an underground hip hop legend. He’s also just one of the most fun musicians out there, and he was at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe on Saturday night. The high altitude of Santa Fe often leaves vocalists out of breath, but the 38 year old rapper proved to be unaffected. It was a mesmerizing display by an immense talent at the peak of his artistry. Performing on his own, he needed little more than minimal electronics and his voice to dazzle the crowd that stayed deep into the night.

Albuquerque’s own Wake Self got the night started with an impressive set. Undoubtedly on the rise, Wake has yet to develop the singular expressive voice that distinguishes the legends, but the talent to make it happen is there.

Up second, Minneapolis-based Metasota raised the bar another level. It was the the type of performance that leaves audiences wondering why he’s not huge yet.

Hip hop shows in Santa Fe are a rarity, especially one of this quality.


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Wake Self wakeself_meowwolf_100816_0010 wakeself_meowwolf_100816_0014 wakeself_meowwolf_100816_0016 wakeself_meowwolf_100816_0019