The Veils – Total Depravity

[Year: 2016 / Country: New Zealand/UK / Label: Nettwerk]

A preacher from the future screaming hellfire and brimstone 

There’s no denying that Finn Andrews has one of the most emotionally charged voices in rock and roll. Hailing from the same part of the world that gave us Nick Cave and Gareth Liddiard (The Drones), you have to wonder what’s making all of these guys so unhinged. While Cave’s booming voice often sounds like it could be the voice of God, Andrews evokes imagery of the dapper wire-framed street preacher. One second he’ll be shouting about the salvation of others, and the next he’ll be on his knees repenting for his own sins under a bucket of tears. If the band had grown a little stagnant stylistically, the introduction of El-P as co-producer has reenergized the band tremendously. The new electronic elements take the rapturous religious themes into a catastrophic future full of despair. That despair hits hardest during the devastating ballad “In The Nightfall”.

Favorite tracks: King of Chrome, Do Your Bones Glow At Night, In The Nightfall

Review: The Veils - Total Depravity