On Thursday night, the Santa Fe music scene came together to help Cloacas celebrate the release of their wonderful new album …and the skies are not cloudy all daySetting the mood for the evening Caitlin Brothers aka Ppoacher Ppoacher played a fantastic set. Alternating between banjo, harp, and guitar, Brothers’ emotive performance recalled the likes of Gillian Welch, Joanna Newsom and Karen Dalton.

Following one of their more meditative songs, clarinet player Lenore Gusch reached down and picked up a bright yellow shaker shaped like a banana. It felt incredibly representative of the kind of band that Cloacas is. Classical instruments intertwine with folk and even toy instrumentation. Serene moments give way to oddball jaunts. During another song, drummer Mike Smith held metal chains, playing them like a marionette over a xylophone. Cloacas is undoubtedly a unique band, and as they celebrated the release of their new record, they gave the crowd one of their very best performances.  Everything was on point, with all the bells and whistles (literally) of the record. Jumping from the whimsical to the meditative, playing with bonus intensity, there was never a stumble.


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Ppoacher Ppoacher

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