If the news a Giant Sand calling it quits has you down, there’s some consolation. Members Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan have begun to focus on XIXA. Maintaining some of Giand Sand’s masterful desert rock sound while adding in some psychedelic cumbia, XIXA released their excellent Shift & Shadow EP in 2015. Later this month, they’ll be releasing their first proper LP, Bloodline [out 2/19 in UK, 2/26 in North America].

The band recently shared their video for the title track. Watch it below.

For more insight check out their guest column for Q Magazine.


Label: Glitterhouse/Barbes
Release Date: 2/19 in UK, 2/26 in NA

1. Bloodline
2. Vampiro
3. Killer
4. World Goes Away
5. Down From The Sky
6. Pressures Of Mankind
7. Golden Apparition
8. Dead Man
9. Nena Linda
10. Living On The Line