Rice Cultivation Society’s new album, Mystical Shitheads, is out today! This is the latest release from the Mecca Lecca Collective and we couldn’t be more honored. Once again, songwriter Derek Smith and his mates have challenged themselves and crafted their best work to date. From opener “Current Events,” it’s clear that Mystical Shitheads is a much heavier work than its predecessors. Remarkably dynamic, Rice Cultivation forcefully pushes to the depths of the earth as well as reaching to the calmer skies above. Peaceful meditations erupt into full force guitar theatrics on the flip of a dime. It’s a dark album, both lyrically and tonally. It’s a sonic melting pot of indie rock and midwest emo with an obvious appreciation for the riffs of classic rock and metal.

“The guitars on “Cait Sith’s Megaphone” tumble and fall like rain or a winter’s snow fall that goes from notions of human frailty and a call from a mystical and metaphysical universe to abandon earthly delusions and the comforts of pretenses and false securities.” – Impose

Rice Cultivation Society
Mystical Shitheads

Release Date: 12/4/15
Available Formats: cd, mp3

1. Current Events
2. Missing Ghosts
3. Cait Sith’s Megaphone
4. Naval Supremacy
5. Nothing Was Learned
6. Skinned Alive
7. ike ant way too bee, um, emory
8. Broke
9. Bison
10. Island Death