Julia Holter
Have You in My Wilderness



Kate Bush, Talk Talk


Four albums into her career, Julia Holter can no longer be seen as an up-and-comer. She’s moved beyond that. Honing her craft with each release, Holter has transitioned to being a one of the foremost musicians of her generation. Her finely orchestrated art pop speaks with an exquisite beauty, drawing comparisons to the queen of art pop Kate Bush. Following the transcendent Loud City Song (2013), a lot of expectations were placed upon Have You in My Wilderness. Thankfully, Holter has once again gifted the world with an album of otherworldly magnificence. With her voice floating breathlessly over spacious jazzy arrangements reminiscent of Talk Talk, Holter expands upon previous notions of pop music. The arrangements and production of Have You in My Wilderness feel more weightless than that of Loud City Song, lifting the mood from somber melancholy towards something more freeing. At the center of it all is “Sea Calls Me Home,” possibly Holter’s most immediate and remarkable pop songs. Utilizing a harpsichord melody evoking a down tempo “God Only Knows”, the song has found a similar place in my heart to the Brian Wilson tune that it’s undoubtedly indebted to. Locked into an endless cycle of listening to “Sea Calls Me Home” on repeat, I’ve attempted to best understand what makes this song to special. Beyond the classic melody, whistling, wild sax solo, ethereal vocals, Holter lyrics about the sea strike a certain chord in my now landlocked soul.

Have You in My Wilderness is one of a small handful of records released this year which will continue to find itself way onto my record player year and even decades from now.


Sea Calls Me Home, Feel You, Everytime Boots


Year: 2015
Country: USA
Label: Domino


1. Feel You
2. Silhouette
3. How Long?
4. Lucette Stranded on the Island
5. Sea Calls Me Home
6. Night Song
7. Everytime Boots
8. Betsy on the Roof
9. Vasquez
10. Have You in My Wilderness

Julia Holter - Have You in My Wilderness
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