Jesse R. Berlin
Glitter Lung



Ariel Pink, Beirut


Launching with a distorted disco beat, “Wash the Boat” sets the tone for the album, with Berlin’s sexual paranoia overtaking the anthemic pop song. The hypnotic “How Did You Sleep Lady Kite” personifies his tireless pursuit towards love in a sea of loneliness. Broken down and scared, the ballad “I’ve Really Never Been Prepared For You” is a look into Berlin’s struggle to connect with others due to his fear of revealing his real self. The psychedelic daydream “Levana” comes to terms with his lifetime of regrets. Psych folk track “Tallulah” is an obvious album highlight. For the first time in his career, Berlin gives fans a sincere love song that’s clearly written in attempt to connect emotionally with a person rather than a bag of money. He quickly shifts styles with the Eno-influenced atmospheric treasure “On The Beach.” Here, Berlin sorts through the hallucinations that follow him through life. Carried by a disco-infused blaxploitation funk groove, his mood transitions from melancholy to bitterness on “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If You Don’t Call Me King).” This is very much the same version of the man I personally experienced. It’s a confrontation with the extreme ups and downs of success and expectations. Closing out the album with “Spiders,” Berlin drifts deeply into the Excedrin-induced clouds. Introspective meanderings through his fears and doubts spin a confusing maze of webs in which he winds up forever lost.

Within the walls of an eclectic collection of songs, Glitter Lung is the mysterious Jesse R Berlin’s brave attempt to finally reveal himself to the world.


Tallulah, Wash Your Boat, It Don’t Mean A Thing (If You Don’t Call Me King)


Year: 2015
Country: US
Label: self-released


1. Wash Your Boat!
2. How Did You Sleep Lady Kite
3. I’ve Really Never Been Prepared For You
4. Levana
5. Tallulah
6. On The Beach
7. It Don’t Mean A Thing (If You Don’t Call Me King
8. Spiders

Jesse R. Berlin - Glitter Lung
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