10. OK GO – “I Won’t Let You Down”

Directed by Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash, Jr.

At this point, it’s clear that OK GO are video artists far more than they are musicians. Their songs are perfectly inoffensive indie pop that mainly serves the purpose of soundtracking some of the most wonderfully clever music videos the world has ever seen. “I Won’t Let You Down” is no exception. The perfectly choreographed umbrella movements may or may not be the product of computer manipulation and editing, but it’s impressive nonetheless.


9. Damon Albarn – “Everyday Robots”

Directed by Aitor Throup

Watch as Damon Albarn’s face is brought to life in the beauty of 3-D rendering, beginning with his skull.


8. James – “Moving On”

Directed by Ainslie Henderson

Beautifully animated yarn tells an emotional story.


7. The Great Void – “Shift Age” (NSFW)

Directed by Johnny Woods

A psychedelic Sims dance club becomes pornographic.


6. Metronomy – “Love Letters”

Directed by Michel Gondry

The wildly imaginative director of Science of Sleep utilizes creative perspective and 60s pop.


5. Bear in Heaven – “Autumn”

Directed by John Lee & Peter Burr

It’s as though you’re watching binary on shrooms. A modern psychedelic experience.


4. Liars – “Mess On A Mission”

Directed by Luis Cerveró

The trio backs up through a post-apocalyptic video game nightmare.


3. OK GO – “The Writing’s On the Wall”

Directed by Aaron Duffy, Damian Kulash, Jr. & Bob Partington

And here we go again. This is OK GO at their best. Simple yet complicated, the band runs their way through a room of brilliant optical illusions.


TIE 1. Chad VanGaalen – “Monster”

Animated by Chad VanGaalen

TIE 1. Timber Timbre – “Beat the Drum Slowly”

Animated by Chad VanGaalen

There was really no easy way of picking one over the other. Chad VanGaalen didn’t only record one of the best records I heard this here, but he also animated two equally demented music videos: one for himself, and the other for Timber Timbre. Each video has a fun acidic nightmare quality characterized by wonderful color schemes and odd morphing imagery.