William Onyeabor
Crashes In Love


Fela Kuti, Lee Scratch Perry, Francis Bebey


There are many records I’ve heard in my life that I’ve enjoyed but felt I could understand why others wouldn’t. The music of William Onyeabor does not fit within that realm. I simply cannot fathom how anyone in their right mind could listen to Crashes in Love or any other Onyeabor record, and not immediately feel better. I think it’s impossible to dislike. My love for his music began a year ago with Luaka Bop’s release of the compilation Who Is William Onyeabor?. Never before had afro funk appealed to me so greatly. For someone whose musical comfort zone is deeply entrenched in slow, nuanced melancholy, and transcendental bits of psychedelia, William Onyeabor’s 1977 debut is the perfect counterbalance to the aching sadness of the bulk of my record collection. Songs like “Crashes In Love” and “Heaven and Hell” overflow with feelings of joy and appreciation for life itself. The funky synths and afrobeat percussion fill the songs with an uplifting rhythmic push as Onyeabor’s vocals (along with backup vocals) take the songs over the top with ecstatic life. If the revolutionary Fela Kuti is the crowned king of African music, William Onyeabor should be named its prince for the massive abundance of joy that accompanies his music.


Crashes in Love, Heaven and Hell


Year: 1977
Country: Nigeria
Label: Wilfilms


1. Something You’ll Never Forget
2. Ride On Baby
3. Crashes in Love
4. Heaven & Hell

*Luaka Bop will be releasing a full box set of William Onyeabor’s incredible discography on November 18, 2014.
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