Carl Creighton
The World Is A Beautiful Place

Release Date: December 17, 2014
Available Formats: Digital

1. Weed’s My Air Conditioner
2. Why Cry?
3. God Bless the Ruby Breasted and the Sparrow
4. There Is No Truth and No True Love
5. You’re Alright (Doing Fine!)
6. Leaving Town
7. I Was Tricked Into Thinking I Was Slick
8. I’m in the Wrong (Hallelujah!)
9. Screaming the Way That I Love You
10. The World is a Beautiful Place

In March, Carl Creighton unearthed the stunning melancholy of Brookings. Written and recorded in the wake of personal tragedy back in 2010, Brookings was originally shelved before it’s recent release, so it acted more as a time capsule look a Creighton than a present day portrait. In contrast, The World Is A Beautiful Place is a resuscitating collection of dreamy folk. Steeped in reverie, Creighton channels Simon & Garfunkel, while harmonizing with layers of his own vocals. The sadness is overcome by its fascination with the often overlooked magnificence of the simple things in life.