Points of Departure is a feature by Ashley Blanton, in which she creates a visual art piece while listening to a single album, over and over.  In between syllables and sound, something resonates and becomes caught. Much like a moth captured on a strip of flypaper, a phonograph needle stuck on a solitary chord, or a heart held hostage in a throat, the words flutter and pulse and repeat. Somewhere in this space, where memory, imagination, and unfounded fears entangle and enmesh, an image forms from the ghost of what was heard. The audible is internalized, becoming a point of departure to examine something that may or may not be beyond words.

Album of Departure: You by Picastro


Ashley Blanton / October 2014 / mixed media on paper / 7.5 x 9.75 inches

Cracks and fractures, the seams between spaces that don’t quite fit.  Seeping, spilling, sinking into the split.

The piece is available for purchase on Etsy.