indygramp4Released: 3/4/2014

1. plight of the bumblebee
2. fukushima strawberry
3. approaching the subconscious by force
4. plastic bones
5. 1-800-MATTERS
6. told
7. talking politics at a house show
8. SpaGetty Lee
9. modern art is a flyswatter on my dick
10. sleepy head

Consider, while reading this, that all things are relative. We are also your relatives. We are your grandpa.

1-800-MATTERS is the toll-free hotline into your subconscious. The price is the truth. The path is the fold. The song is the key.

Poppy Da Bobby and Grampa Derek are old friends. This also makes them young friends. They recorded many separate tracks of many separate instruments. Each one was live at the time. Every time we combined live tracks together, they became more live. Eventually, after many combinations of live tracks, this became the most live album ever created. So congratulations! You are now a part of history. But relatively speaking, everyone is a part of history. Even ghosts. And history repeats itself. So, Congratulations! You are now Indestructible.