brookings-cover-largeReleased Date: 3/25/14

1. Brookings, SD
2. Out In Eagan
3. Keep Me Cool
4. Only Right Turns
5. Fictional Song
6. Grand Marais
7. Wagon Bridge
8. Song For Oreo
9. Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home
10. Baby Doll
11. DNR
12. Sundays and Saturdays
13. Snowbank
14. Will You Lie With Me in My Deathbed
15. Frozen Lemonade
16. Ft. Snelling Rag

A fog of distant intimacy inhabits Brookings. An entirely solo effort, Carl Creighton appears to be singing for an audience of one within a vast haunted cathedral. Silly, angry, depressed, Creighton is revealed as a uninhibited character, fearlessly shedding his soul while maintaining a sense of humor.

Recorded during a dark period of his life, while living in Minnesota,Brookingswas shelved when Creighton returned to Brooklyn to focus on Howth’s sophomore effort Newkirk. With the help of his bandmates, Howth re-imagined Brookings tracks “Out In Eagan,” “Only Right Turns,” and “Snowbank” on Newkirk, fleshing them out to rock songs. But despite the lo-fi recording style, Brookings never felt like a collection of demos. The songs are simply too good on their own to be left unreleased. So, with a little prodding, Mecca Lecca has convinced Carl Creighton to unlock this raw treasure and share it with the world.