Release Date: 4/8/2014

1. In The Mend
2. Free My Animal
3. The Cosmos
4. Summer of Open Wide
5. Blood In The Water
6. Disguises
7. Down In Out
8. Lemming/King

NØMADS is maximum sound two-piece bass & drum collaboration featuring Nathan Lithgow (bassist for My Brightest Diamond, Inlets, and Gabriel & the Hounds), and drummer Garth Macaleavey (former Inlets touring percussionist, and sound engineer for the Philip Glass Ensemble).

Awash in dissonance and syncopated rhythm, NØMADS leans towards the razor-efficient songwriting forms of 90’s bands like Nirvana, Fugazi, and Girls Against Boys, while updating the style and stripping the approach to its essential foundations of lyricism and sonic intensity. The band has honed their own primal sound that capitalizes on conspicuous juxtapositions- minimal instrumentation against maximum sound; aggression against beauty; soft melody versus an aggression of expression.

The spine of Free My Animal is a recorded rehearsal of the songs comprising the album, each performed in one-take, without a metronome, in its most organic form. This is the sound of shutting out the rest of the world in order to create something true and undiluted.