Release Date: 6/10/14

1. Falling Off 03:08
2. We Never Worry 02:37
3. Suicide Pizza 04:24
4. Silent Minus 02:01
5. Face Tattoo 04:41
6. JAWS 03:45
7. Bad News Club 03:40
8. Endless Bummer 04:11
9. Any Daydreaming Morning 03:34
10. Grownups 02:31
11. X-ray Glaze 01:32
12. The Dead Age 05:22

Over the course of their first three records, Unicycle Loves You have transformed from a jangly power pop quintet (Unicycle Loves You) to a post-new wave quartet (Mirror, Mirror) to a garage-psych trio (Failure) into the fourth chapter in the evolution of the band: The Dead Age. Opening with an exhausted woman’s voice gasping “Oh my god!”, The Dead Age builds off of the heavier sound of Failure. Crafted meticulously, often pushing the tonal limits through a massive wall of sound, melodies explode into chaotic free falls where screaming guitars & mammoth-sized bass bend at the will of ULY simultaneously paying homage to Mascis and Beefheart.

Scheduled for release on June 10th, produced by Jim Carroll & mastered by the renowned Bob Weston, if Failure was their mission statement to add a dirty, unpolished edge to pop music, then The Dead Age is the sound of Unicycle Loves You completely dismantling it. Stand out tracks “Face Tattoo”, “Suicide Pizza”, Endless Bummer” & “Falling Off” are a few examples of a band that has fully forged their very own sonic aesthetic.