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Dean Blunt Shares “Trident” Video

Limited to B-side placement, "Trident" is the latest hint at Dean Blunt's new album, Black Metal. Scheduled for release via Rough Trade on November 4th, Black Metal promises to establish Blunt as an...

Mark Kozelek = The Gift That Keeps Giving

I'm not one to post on stupid misunderstood stage bantering or to perpetuate something that really has nothing to do with music, because this stuff gets way too blown out of proportion anyway. But as a huge...

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

In a totally unexpected twist, Thom Yorke released an album today via BitTorrent. As an experiment we are using a new version of BitTorrent to distribute a new Thom Yorke record. The new Torrent files have...

Watch “Monster” by Chad VanGaalen

I'm not sure what's more impressive about Chad VanGaalen, his music, his production work, or his animated videos. VanGaalen's latest release Shrink Dust has been in heavy rotation all year at Mecca Lecca,...

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